Pond Garden Update

Our garage sales are beginning and today was the first one I have gone to and I am sure glad I did, although my husband probably wishes I had stayed home.  This is a brass childs crib that I couldn't walk away from to use in the Pond Garden.. along with a LARGE round galvanized tub, some tiny little mini barn pulls that will be great for hanging things.... a rusty old pail, and a neat little bookcase.  It was just one of those garage sales that you are glad you went to...  I want to start planting....

We need to paint our porch and railing so I am trying really hard to change the color of the railing from the drabby old brown to a Black Plum color to just add a bit of zip to the color..  I am not sure if I am winning my husband over or not....  Our house is 2 shades of yellow.... and I think I will try to plant flowers which are these colors mainly; with some pops of maybe red....  mainly because I LOVE geraniums and I am NOT into pink....

I say all of this as I sit with my left leg elevated with an ice pack nurturing some broken bones somewhere in the toe area of my foot.... which I hink involves the bottom and the top of my foot from the looks of things,,,and I have no reccolection of hitting my toes hard enough to do this....  Crazy.  I will have some down time to do some not guilty on line computer surrfing for inspirations in flower colors, accent pieces,  succulents, fairy houses etc. and a list of things to look for at garage sales.  


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