Altered Key Swap 'The Growing Season"

5/13  Copyright    Diana Putnam
This is the beginning layout for an altered key swap.....and has already changed and grown a bit more than this photo from Friday.  

Sometimes when I get started a piece just doesn't look as "finished" as I would like so I keep going.  

I will need to look for a substrate for this design and I am contemplating the use of a cigar box which is a nice shape and size....  not to mention useful.

This piece consists of a lot of tiny buttons which I sell... and a mixture of brass and silver components.   I  am enjoying this swap a lot .. and have in mind to jazz it up a bit with the background....  

I have found that laying out my design somewhere on a tray, magazine, table, etc. and beginning the design works well for me....and I find that as I go into the room where this particular piece is laid out I try something different, add to or take away an element, etc. until I feel that I have it the way I want it.  I am sure that everyone is different when it comes to their "processing" a piece but I kinda like to plan it out.  It helps for proportion of items to one another, color(s), a theme if none is provided, etc.   I think I am just about ready to get busy and get this one together....  I will show a finshed photo at a later day.

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  1. It's looking lovely already, it looks floral to me, I never would have contemplated using a key in that way. Can't wait to see it completed Diane.



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