My daughter brought this back to me when she went to the Tuscon Gem, Mineral and Bead show in Tuscon last week.  I really love giraffes and have a giraffe bracelet she made for me so will have to look at it and come up with a way that I can wear the two items as a set...

The item is first of all; and most important handmade.  I like that it is unique and one of a kind.  To me that makes it an heirloom.  ORIGINAL art.   When you can take someone elses art work (such as with this piece) and add your own "rest of the item" it becomes really super special in my book....You won't be seeing everyone with one, and I love to say "I made it" and then give credit to the original artist for their part in the design..... 

So....another project tray.... and ideas to come up with.

I REALLY miss my groups, and those who were my friends...miss reading what they are doing, etc... but I was just spending too much time on the computer and had to cut it down to be able to create....and keep up my Etsy site...  Hopefully I can get myself into a schedule of sorts and can maybe come back ..... if they let me and I have to hope a few will check in here to see what I am up to.

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