A New Niche

In our master bedroom is a little niche that wasn't being utilized and I had the trundle bed in front of the window. (I have had all of my buttons, mailing items, etc. in our dining room, along with my computer printer, etc and the business has grown to the point where I had to have a designated processing area.

 This niche area just kinda "was" and so I have taken the 2 corner shelving units you see and placed one on each side of the table where I will do my mailing.  The desk has 3 good sized drawers so it holds my baggies and business cards, etc.

  I still have the shelving unit in the left corner to go through so this will give me another 3 shelves.  (the piece came from a Tole shoppe that was going out of business (handmade) where I took classes, did classes and loved going in to pour over new books, surfaces, etc.  so it is a great memory for me.

The unit in the right on the right my husband made for me when we lived in California and I love the scalopped gingerboardy trim on the top...  The knobs I got at an antique store in Penna. and they have 3 primitive houses on the tops.  This piece holds all of my buttons, jewelry, paintings etc. that are on Etsy and in mini plastic containers.

 The shabby chic white table in front of the window is a chippy piece that I got at a garage sale and is one of my all time favorite pieces.

On the right wall which you can barely see is an extra bed....well 2 actually as it is a trundle bed.  Might be a neat place to come take an afternoon nap once I am done.  I have given myself a week to complete.

I think I am going to look for some different curtains to go on this window so will add it to my "look for" list I carry with me in my purse.   I would love to find some Dark Midnight Blue sheer for that window....

NOW.......... comes the "unfun" part.  Finding new homes for all of the "things" that came out of the 4 pieces I put here.  Hopefully about 1/2 of it I can destash or trash....  I have a mess in the bedroom, dining room,  and back down in the area where I work...  Shoot.

BUT.......Once again it feels good to be getting more organized...which is something a lot of us procrastinate on, and I am soooo guilty.  I am not going to say "tomorrow" anymore ...

Just have to do things in "spurts" and "rests" lol.... learning how to change my lifestyle of living.
My "rests" will be "create time" so that is like my "reward" for doing what needs to be done that is not fun..

I have had this faucet piece for nearly a year
waiting for the right place....so to help tie things together it is on the wall to the left above the desk.

Starting to move things around and add things that aren't just the norm is what is fun....to live with art.
I moved this chair, added a handmade crocheted doily to the seat, a couple of magazines on the rungs
and my stash of Stampington, Jewelry Affaire, etc. arranged this way and that way on the floor.  I will have to be more conciencous about dusting. but I like the look....and so for me "it works" and that is who I set out to please....

On the water faucets I painted a landscape on 3 pieces of glass with space between layers and matted that I did several years ago, and a popular spot here in oregon along the ocean up North is a photo I took and have done a painting of.....I need to find that piece and change in out .....
And my final shot was taken a few minutes ago....it is dark out, just one light on and a kinda "closed shop" look......

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