Cigar Box Assemblage

I found a smoke shop here that sells wooden, the heavy cardboard, and the empty cigarette tins at a very reasonable price (at least I am willing to pay the price) so I am hoping that tomorrow I can get started with an assemblage using one of the boxes.

Nothing in mind except some neat wallpaper that looks like tin ceiling tile.....this is where I will start...and where I end up nobody knows....

All of the really nice wood ones were
gone  ath the shop when I was there as a man had come in right before me and purchased 80 of them .  I will stop tomorrow while I am out on errands and see what he has in stock now.  It will be nice to have a "pick" and not just ordering unseen from the cigar company I normally buy from....and I won't have to pay shipping anymore so to pay a bit more for the actual cigar box is "worth it".....  I want to get a real boxy one and make a clock out of it.  That should be a fun one to design and work up....or should I say work up and design?

Tonight I was making knit sleeves for a denim jacket I want to redo..  I will add some steampunk elements too on the front and back.   I am also crocheing what  I am calling a Dred Lock necklace.  Seems as if I am flitting all over the place....but I am learning a lot, feel more creative, and spend at least 1-2 hours per day (if not more)working on "something"....  Removing myself from a very active Yahoo group has relieved a lot of pressure (much of which I inflicted upon myself) but in relieving the pressure it has allowed me to not think aout what I should and needed to be doing and giving me more time to
be more creative....and channeling my thoughts geared in that direction.

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