Additions to Studio

Today was a really nice day so I got my husband to do some honey do's for me.  

(Left)  He  hung in a corner my makeshift, non lighting,  chandelier which will have ATC's, tags, cards, etc. that either I have received or made myself. 

 I purchased minature plastic clothes pins which will clip the art to the (Art-delier) oooe,  that sounds a bit French and French is in so "make your Art-delier soon.

(Right). Although it might be hard to identify  hangs a string of Chinese lanterns with printing on the outside of the rice paper hanging once again from the ceiling.  On the cord in between the lanterns I have clipped art work ....     I realize that because these two new items are on the same wall, and at different heights  I have to add one more hanging item.    It looked really pretty tonight when I went downstairs and just lit the lanterns so I am pleased.  I prefer atmospheric lighting vs harsh overhead.  I may decide to be a bit more artistic with the lanterns (now that I have seen pictures) and maybe have a lantern somehow hover beside or above some of the artwork to illuminate.... I need to go down there and work, or just sit to see how I can make the change.  This will eliminate the hanging effect and will be the only off set I will need.

It is so much fun to have "art in progress" with this room and I think eventually (maybe by spring) I will know exactly what direction my art is going and I will be able to get rid of a LOT of books and supplies.  

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