Handmade Steampunk Feather

January 2013    Diana Putnam
My first piece of 2013.

When I was in one of out little boutique gift and antique stores I saw some really pretty handmade feathers.  The one I saw was made using musical note paper.  I loved them, but I thought I could make my own so I laid the item back down and I could hardly wait to get home and put one together.  This one is made using steampunk scrapbook paper (vintage license plate design) and a pipecleaner (at this  beginning stage of experimentation).   Depending on how I would be using the feather would determine what I might use in place of the pipecleaner and paper or material ......  for flexibility I think I would like some wire...

I am going to try putting on some sealer; and maybe some sprinkles of Glamour Dust....  I want to try several different things.... to find how certain things will work or look...

In 2013 I would like to spend some time exploring the assemblage area
of art which is really "in" here in Bend and good pieces like I saw yesterday are in demand.... I have seen other artists' who are doing assemblage but none of it compared to this artists'.  Balance is so important with assemblage and some artists just don't seem to have the
eye of balance. 

I felt very priviledged to get a tour of a Bend Artists' home and see her collection of acquired and handmade (by her) assemblage pieces.  Her 
art work is totally unbelievable and I was just in awe.  

The piece below is an assemblage piece I put together about a year or so ago and immediately fell in love with the process....  

The first two pieces I want to do will be themed Art Goddess and the other one Sea Goddess so I have 2 trays ready to begin an accumulation of items that "might" work into the designs....  The main thing is going to be finding a substrate that
will work the best for each and allow the art to "grow".  

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