As soon as I opened the zip lock and looked at these buttons I knew immediately I had to use them somehow in a piece of mixed media altered art.  I don't know how yet....but I will.     I was really surprised that I had such a reaction to a little 1/2" brass button.         

Then it happened again with buttons I just can't help but call "grunge".  They were much better than I expected and my mind was whirling again towards thoughts of using them.   They just look as if they have gone through hundreds of washings in some strong soap products made back in the days of old to create worn looks to the buttons.

I have decided that somehow it can be an element that will send your "thinking, creative, " side of the brain into overdrive.  Some artists seem to miss the "soul" in art.  The "character of oneness" that makes a piece TOTALLY the artists..... 

Tonight I got a couple of hours of "create" time in.  I am finishing up the painting I did of our dog (will post it sometime next week) which has turned into a piece of altered art.  I know that I have some paw buttons so I am going to use those, the Glamour Dust paints by Americana in Silver and Ice, some jewelry pieces, colored ribbon, swarovski crystals, and have to go through my beading supplies for some additional items to use.   FUN.....  I want to have it finished up by Friday evening.

Then when I finished with what I could do tonigh on Pru I turned to a wooden shoe last that was sitting on the table, basecoated black and decided to see what I could do different with this little piece.  It is partially painted and I am not sure what to do next so it needs some "thinking time".....

Enjoy the journey with your art....the process, the ideas.

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