Cold, smooth, meditation rock.  
Decorative painting "ain't what it used to be" unless you are glued to a specific style such as Primitive and love the work of Maxine Thomas, landscapes with your favorite designer, etc. and are satisfied with what you are doing..... and it is successful for you mentally and hopefully a bit financially.   

Some artists can only paint....and they are old school artists some of which have NEVER strayed from a specific style and are finding themselves getting phased out of the art industry.  Art is moving upward, downward and outward....and art lovers are demanding one of a kind....something they can identify to or with based upon subject matter, elements, etc.  Art is back to "coming from the heart" ... not from the brush, but inside and stirring things up a bit much to the chagrin of diehards.  If books are not selling then artists are going to be looking towards other art alternatives if they want to continue within this field and earning living to supplement income.  Some are willing to make the change and others aren't.

Artists who are creative are taking their art to the next level by learning more about other artistic avenues and doing mixed media and assemblage.  How to do something a different way..

In the painting arena they are looking for paints, brushes, styles, techniques, mediums, substrates, etc.
that work the best for them and how they create....  They are becoming advocates for items that "work", do the job, are quality supplies, and within the artists budget.

Many artists and students are wanting change, wanting to learn and do more but they want to be doing quality work so they are interested more in one on one teaching, finding a mentor, companions to "idea" with, share thoughts, etc. and have no fear of being copied because of the individuality of their art.  Wow, what a concept.  INDIVIDUALITY in Art.  Wheeeeee.  A reflection of imagination, an insight into self....  Art for goodness.  How exciting, what inspiration, and such a challenge for journey.

Some artists will be "too late"....  they don't realize how many artists out there have stretched their wings....and are is an exciting time and has been for about 3-4 years.  No more dull, flat,
color book art ....  the new art brings with it excitement, wonder, stirs the soul, makes ya' smile,
and even remember when ...  and men are becoming buyers as well as women.

I LOVE where I am heading....

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