DeLane Lange Design

This is one of my alltime favorite designs.....  The pattern I used is by Delane Lange and I believe is called Little Cottage and Thomas Kincaide has an almost identical design but his is Hidden Cottage or visa versa....but there is a lot to be learned .... practice and brush up on each time you paint the design.  I think that this is my 4th - 5th time over the past 15 years or so....

This took me 3 "sittings" from start to this point.  I just put a finish spray on and now tomorrow I will paint the back and sides and I think I am going to use a light color on the edges....  On to the "next one"
which is going to be a round barn.....and  I think I am going to do it as the winter season...   Both pieces will be for friends.... and my own design with the barn....  It is basecoated and ready for me to add those details which is sooooo much fun.

I have been working a lot with Traditions extender and the Liquitex soft and full body acrylic paints.
Learning how to use the Medium to achieve looks that have been difficult for me.... with brushes I know work well for me, has been an awesome journey.  This medium acts like a "magic tool" and
can be used in so many ways once you learn what you and "it" can do together.....LOL.....  I have had to put the "playing" aside as I paint for family and friends.......but once in awhile I sneak in about an hour of "playtime"...

While I used DeLane Langes design I used paint colors of my own choosing/mixing etc. in the Liquitex
line of acrylic paints....and Dynasty Decorator Series Brushes, IPC Brushes, Black Gold brushes ( 4 of which are in a brush kit I sell on Etsy under the shop name of:  (artisticrenderings)
This painting reminds me of how some of the houses look here in Bend with the bottom line about where the gate is.....  Many of the houses are "nestled" and just look so fantastic as one wonders what the inside looks like.....  Nestled houses brings to my mind:  quiet, nature, peace, beauty, and if one is fortunate to live with there are 4 seasons that is another bonus.

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