After Christmas and First of the Year Projects

Since I was snug as a bug in a rug yesterday I focused on the continuing  of "organization".... and getting several projects ready to begin.  

I have one painting I am working on of a friends' dog, and will start a scenery.

On one of the groups I am on they have spoken of a jean pocket swap /
altered art so I picked up a couple of things I would need as I normally don't work with fabric....but I think it may be about to change.

I went to town and purchased:
Buttons to match the material(s)  I am planning on using
2 Sided Fusing Material
Bias Tape
Quilting thread

My sister has requested some steampunk jewelry.  It  took me a few extra months to restock so I guess now I  should begin working on these in the evening for a "spring send".... 

I am working on a "Readers' Shawl" for myself that is knit, and a headband in crochet.... and will no doubt be working on some crocheted embellishments for the jean pockets as I have several that I purchased about a year ago.  

My room is still pretty clean and organized so I won't have to do that...I can pretty much go down and
begin...that is a good feeling.

I feel that I have done a real good job with last years' New Years Resolution so now I can begin to think what my "goal(s)" for next year will be....and only 5 more days to mull it over....  

Happy New Year to all my blog friends....

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