Since I have been doing a lot of resin work and would like to do some more I splurged and purchased this UV Curing Light (which I will be carrying in my Etsy shoppe).  The unit comes with a UV Bulb and additional ones can be ordered.

Power 9V, Voltage: 110V-24OV 50-60Hz, Weight 0.37 um.
I am hoping that this item will fit inside a medium flat rate box for shipping purposes although the item comes in its's own cardboard box.... so kinda figure this as shipping amount for those here in the US.

The Unit with lightbulb will run $40.00.

This is a visible light wavelength and is harmless to the eyes, but is recommended that you not look straight at the light bulb for long periods of time.

This cure lamp is great for use on cloudy days or just for the added convenience of working at your art area.  Typical cure time is 5-15 minutes under the UV light, dependent upon size of cure area and thickness of layer.

I will also carry Lisa's Magic Gloss which comes in a mini, small and LARGE volume dependent upon how much you use.  Also available (I will carry squares and rectangle) molds for the resin and also the pendant metal bezels if you prefer this way.... as well as a pad of 50 deli sheets which have been precut.

I have ordered the items and expect that they will be here about this time next week.....  I am just going to use the resin this week on top of 1 x 1 collage photos on a scrabble piece and will let you know how that goes when I am done and how the cure-er works...

Because it seems as if I am always working in an area that is much too small there have been times where things have moved, a mess mixing 2 elements together to get one, etc. so I am thinking that this machine and the Magic Gloss just might be the answer to my frustrations....  Plus if you have animals you don't have to worry as much about any pet hairs if you put the item immediately into the Curer.... not to mention our cold, damp winter days..... sometimes we have sun sometimes not...so this will get a lot of use.  Just have to keep it away from those who are using the new resin Nail Polish.  

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