Knit Cable Stitch

I haven't spent a lot of time knitting and crocheting in a long time so it has been fun loooking for that special item to do.  This will be a scarf when it is finished...and there is a nice wide lacy crochet openwork border that is done around all sides of this piece which really was the deciding factor for me.  I knew it would work up quick, the elegance of simplicity, and I love the color of this one.  The next one is going to be done in a varigated type yarn that will be pretty and enough different to NOT look the same. 

When I went to the store looking for a cable knit stitch holder I was surprised to find many different designs and not JUST the one I was used to;  so I chose the Ushaped holder which I feel was the right one for what I am doing and I have been pleased as I use it.

I am anxious to finish this one and start the next.......

These handmade items will be my evening projects.....I get a lot of satisfaction from hand knit and crochet items.

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