Altered Paintbrush Snowman (Musing)

Most of the time when I do a swap I choose to work in a semi comfort zone....with this one....well
I must get to know my "inner child" a bit better because this is what came out....  NOW, there are times when I look at it and I feel "kinda" like "I like it"  and there are other times when I look at it and tell myself "throw it away" QUICK and do something different.   This is very much a piece that is BEST viewed at the 6' range... outside the red ropes, etc.

 NO, it is not "pretty",  but do things always "have" to be pretty?  If you will look close you will see that two teeth are "visible" and I have no idea why that happened,  except that as a child I had

buck teeth....... and I have worked in kinda angular lines (love Monika Britt), and rather than a smooth snow ball-ey form I chose a LOT of texture a random look of ins and outs, ups and downs, 
straight and curved lines, convex dots, etc.  

I wanted to do the "snowman" "snowperson" mostly in copper paints, embellishments, etc. as I seem to be hung up on the "colors" that are involved, so I used copper and green here and there just for a little bit of color...and to accent the texture a bit.  I wanted the design to be a little steampunkery so I have used some of my steampunk buttons....

On the back I have used a vintage spoon (which I think might be a childs spoon)  so that it can be picked up this way...

Am I done?  I don't think so....but don't ask me why...I just don't feel that it is quite complete so I

am going to live with it for the weekend and see if I come across anything that might tie in and be "fun" to use.  

And yes, the hair sticking straight up is the top of a Mop Brush....

Specifications I want to achieve:  Things that I need to do:

1.  I think that I need to do some shading between the snowballs of the snowperson.
2.  Maybe some "tiny, little, clear swarovski crystals strung on some wire or elastic thread to catch the light?  (This will incorporate the jewelry aspect of art)  so will need to try and decide where that
would work the best.   
3.   If more than one "style" comes forth either go with one or even the "styles" out so that not more than one style is predominate.  
4.  Use the dremel tool (Thanks Sister) to remove a little of the paint to look 

Becoming active in a "group" and participating really does help to work outside of ones' normal
"box" and merge into other areas...  I find that sometimes I understand a piece and then there are other times when I just "don't" get that doesn't become my favorite choice as a creative outlet.
OR, I may decide to down tone things so they aren't as "far out".  Art is strange.  I find that my style is similar but takes on a different look as I work back and forth between mediums.   Which actually is like changing a substrate and working in your same style.  ie:  I love to paint landscapes and my
jewelry fluctuates in color like the seasons... and right now I love the sublteness of blues and whites
and bringing forth the "feeling" of  cool, and now I seem to want cold and hot together in the altered paintbrush.......

Whether I paint, make jewelry, do mixed media, using canvas, glass, etc.  it is to learn something, try something to obtain a look that is mine... and to be content when I am done.

SO..... join a group.  Try an altered paintbrush, do something in copper..... hmmmmmmm.

         I think I need to be thinking about an altered landscape..... 

            Create Texture, Color, Balance, Depth....

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