Studio Update

Ha, ha, ha...DON'T I "WISH".  

This is the 2nd half of my daughters' studio which she has been working on.....and where she does her ordering, mailing, accounting area end of her Etsy business.  It would be nice if "my" studio  was done....but it isn't.  

                                         SO...Here is the update on my Studio.....

Today I went and got some quarter molding to put at the ceiling level.  The take down on the texture was left really rough and it was not easy cutting in so this was a good solution to my problem of the zigzag look at the wall/ceiling meet.   I used a watercolor mix with Decoart Khaki Tan to stain the molding as I wanted a bit of the grain to show through..... My husband is going to put it up tomorrow and then I can get my left hand wall "put together" which will give me some "center room" to move around a little.  I have a light I will hang from the left hand far corner....get my clock and some of the pictures up, etc. 

The next step is to finish the dark color around the door casing that comes down into the room from the house,   blend in the next lighter color and get the front wall painted the mid color so I can transition this and then "think" about the green......  I hope it comes out the way I "see" it.  LOL....  

I haven't been able to get to my painting table and I think I am having withdrawal......It is like being punished.....  If I can just unearth it I will feel SO much better....then I can do the other side which will be for the altered art, sewing, light box, and "sitting" area.  

My daughter gave me a half mannequin bust that is done in a muslin material (vintage) that I want to incorporate into a floor lamp......with the help of a "shade" which I may hand make, and a vintage kerosene stove.... My daughter saw the 2 pieces setting side by side and made the suggestion so I can't 
say this is "my" idea....but I am hoping I can make it come to life....  It will be the first mixed media assemblage large item that I have done so it will be a fun challenge. 

 I am hoping that everything runs smooth tomorrow ....  and we can get all of the painting done and the molding up so that I can begin the embellishing....  (Larry is recovering from a week of tests, doctor appointments and a 2nd debilitating muscle spasm in his leg tonight) so we will work slow, rest,  and do a little more. 

With this redo I am REALLY seeing the entire room as a blank canvas.... do the background first by adding your wall color(s) your furniture (artist working area(s) and storage where they are easily accessible....Next I will begin placing items into the shelving areas, cabinets, etc.  Last are those last few finishing touches....  Curtains?  Artwork.  Lighting in the different areas, and any accent pieces such as furniture for sitting and "wall painting art", or artful wall.   I have some wood cobwebs from Patricia Rawlingstons website and her witch which hangs beneath a shelf....I will enjoy doing this piece...and just might use the roclon...  There won't be any more "costs" involved.  I will be using pieces that are in other rooms...Seeing them in a different area I know is going to make them "look different".... new in a way...  Maybe I will get lucky at some fall garage sales and be able to pick up something really inexpensively if I have the room to "fish off" with an additional cabinet or shelving area....  Seems as if there is always that last piece or two...and I have to find a place that "works" for the gorgeous piece of wood that I have.

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