Little tin boxes

I have purchased the elements and have been working on making  miniature, portable watercolor kits using these little tins....(The altoid tins have an embossed top which makes them difficutl to work with, and I don't care for the mints so purchasing new is less expensive, and more creatively useful)

These little tins come in many shapes and sizes and  have a been a BIG favorite of artists for a long time when doing mixed media work and creative art swaps on some of the neat groups which are available.

You can use polymer clay, paper, material, inks, is pretty much left to the creative mind of the artist.

The boxes have so many individual, personal uses and they come in different sizes, hinged lids, snap on lids, clear topped, round, rectangular etc.

I have purchased the lip balm sliding tins, paint them and use them for my Moo cards...and have sold quite a few of them as pill boxes, to hold stamps, etc.  The larger ones are great for sewing kits, to hold
store coupons, loose change, etc.  These small ones make adorable magnets.

For artistic "use"  they can hold beads, findings, left over wire, screws, backs for pins, etc...and the neat thing is you can glue the item to the top for instant identification.

Remember plastic canvas?  How neat to do one of the larger sizes with an initial on the top, some ribbon, etc.   They would also make a nice pin cushion for those who sew with the lid being the pin cushion...and the inside holding your precious pins.

I have one that I love.  "Memory Mints for Senior Moments" .....what a cute little gift-y for a 50th birthday...

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