Introducing: Fall Transformations

Why is it one day a tree has green leaves and then bang you wake up and fall has; during the night,
knocked on your door.  We have had about a week of temperature down in the 40's, 30's and high 20's overnight.  Tonight I had my husband light the fire in the stove down in my studio...and we are sitting with a long sleeved shirt over our "daytime" shirt.

This tree is our Japanese maple and it never got the normal yellow... just  directly to red so I think it is going to be gorgeous this year as will so many of the trees in Bend.  Fall is gorgeous here and the anticipation, the watching, the seeing is awesome; even though I hate, HATE, to see summer become a yesterday thing.

I love to paint in the fall....the breeze that smells like crisp leaves, the temperature is just perfect, the shadows that seem to be so natural, and the can people NOT paint and create when there are colors everywhere?    The squirrels are busy gathering their nuts for the winter, the deer come down out of the mountains for their last summer fling, and I find myself looking forward to a creative fall and winter.....and a more organized studio.... SO much to look forward to.

In the summer I love being outside.....but fall and winter create "less guilt" when I am inside and not out enjoying the weather.

So start gathering up your supplies....get your "space" in order and ready, so when the weather gets cool and it gets darker earlier you find your evenings are longer...and for some reason you seem to have more "spare" time,  it is time to relax a little and enjoy life...  Reap the rewards of the summer months,
(I just purchased a food dehydrator) my old one "bit the dust", so I look forward to trying my hand at dehydrating some tomatoes,  herbs, jerky, etc.  I am not much of a canner like my mother but the dehydrating just might be something I will enjoy.

The only thing I don't look forward to are severe storms or really bad roads that threatens lives, lives of loved ones and friends.  

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.