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I wanted to design/make a bracelet which would give me and hopefully others the feeling of an ocean wave at the beach.  I didn't have any idea where I was going with this until I started.  I just gathered up elements I thought I "might" use and began.  I have 4 strands but I think that I want to add one more layer but I am not sure just where within the bracelet....  The main focal bead is a clear lamp work bead made by my daughter Dragynsfyre and has silvered ivory that kinda looks like sand in the middle as the crest of the wave....I have also added some manzanita twig beads (s) which were made by my son in law and the beige beads that I used are from my granddaughters' Etsy site.    It worked up quickly but took me 2 nights to complete.  

I find that I have better luck when I design and create if I just have a theme and go from there rather than have a definite idea of each and every element..... this gives my inner child time to play too.

My inner child...hmmmm.  My imaginary playmate when I was a child was GooGoo ....I wonder if this is who comes forth now?   LOL.

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