Stuck in the Muck

People spend too much time finding other people to blame ; too much energy finding excuses for not being what they are capable of being, and not enough energy putting themselves on the line, growing out of the past and getting on with their lives.


I think of it as their being "stuck in the muck" ...  lost in life and blaming others seems to make it easier (they think) for others (and themselves) to accept their failures....someone else's responsibility other than their own for their unhappiness in life.  They never "own" themselves.  Their inability to have the joy and creativity they so desire and admire, their desire to destroy... and this desire only creates a deeper pit for their self pity...and they become more and more "stuck in the muck".... People like this seem to draw others with the same lack luster personalities.   They lack excitement, creativity and the true meaning of contentment.  That place where you go for rejuvenation.....they don't have's lost to them.  They are stalemated in yesterday ... the pizazz is gone...and in reality just maybe it never really existed....and was someone else's all along.  They just kinda "drag on" in life.... and it is hard for me to understand why they are so intent on trying to poke negatives into others life?   It is fun to take the negatives and transfer them into positives in my life.... I just kinda shake my head, give a chuckle and go on with the "good life" which I am forever thankful for.   My friends, family, spirituality, art, failures and successes... and no, I don't feel one bit sorry for these stuck in the muckers....they deserve all that they have which is negative ...for what they do to others. 

  Professing to be "Christian" just makes matters worse in my eyes.  Hiding behind the cloak of God making taunts thinking what?  That they won't be seen, punished, or that because they say they are Christian people FOR SURE won't imagine that they are capable of what is being said......a good Christian woman?  Not by the standards I learned from my Christian upbringing....what I witness is what I call the Hypocritical Christian.  They say they are, they go to church, etc. but once out the door of the church and for the next 6 days they become "that other person".  The non Christian....right back to the same "ole" ways "thinking" that they are safe under their "Christian umbrella".  A protective shield that allows them to do whatever they want..say what they want, etc.  About the only ones who really know the truth are the victims....those of us who have encountered the "real" person behind the facade'... the sugar sweetness is gone....the smile fractured and out pops the innuendos of sharpness aimed to hurt...  My shield against  has become  super strong and I am actually proud of my resiliency...but despite this I feel that the truth still needs to be brought forth against people of this type.  Those that they continue "to fool" are their type so they don't matter either...but I am pretty sure there aren't many ... as the armor is falling apart...and the true identify of the person within is becoming more apparent as "links" are identified and exposed...and I might add "deleted".... number gaps on "on line" posts then they retaliate as if they "never did that, said that"...etc.  deleted as their safety net and posts taken out of context to topic.  (Already the quote I posted first has been deleted....not to my surprise I might add, as this is the norm, when exposed, but I am sure that many saw and read it before it was zapped, into the land of "I never posted that"....)    What can't be found...and tied in can't be proven...  What a thought (less) process.  But they may be realizing that in all actuality with their little "quotes of the day"  and editorial "stories" that people are beginning to realize they are self exposes'  and where they blame others for their failures...which makes them feel better.....until someone exposes them.  These people get friends through fear...fear that the same will happen to them unless they join forces..and then pretty soon they have been drawn in and have become an accomplice...  The editorials have tapered off so it makes one wonder if these women have seen the light....or are just "laying back"...

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