Tonight as I sat watching So You Think you can Dance, I made the personal decision that Choreographers have to be the one of the most creative artists in the world....  Where do they tap into that creativity, what is the button to push?  And they are so diversified in their talents to choose into several different categories (styles) and then choose music and moves, match it to the dancers, costumes, etc.  and just hope they can portray exactly what you want portrayed,  no mater "what".  I admire Sonja.  She is her own person.  She is on the edge  of accepted..   She loves what she does, you can see it in her face, and probably in everything that she does..... she enjoys everything, she makes magic, she has has charisma as well as modesty..and a finesse that makes her elegant. " Admirantion".

Stevie Nicks...another fantastic artist.  I love her voice, her music, that off beat rytythm.   This is also  what I enjoy about reggae music.  I love the haunting, imaginative beat that enables you to create your own story while you listen to them.   With both you get lost in the music, but in different way, for different reasons.   " Diversification".

Mariah Crawford.  A spiritualist that helps me to relax, to look, and see.  To solve problems, to
re-arrange that which is not working for something that will, to bet organized, to alienate oneself in
certain instances, and to believe in "Spirit"

So in a nutshell.....IMO to be an artist you have to have a creative mind... to design or make a decision.
Creativity comes from a feeling,  an emotion,  a time in life and this has to be executed into your art....
How you get "there" will vary from artist to artist....."there" may never happen, ( in a monetary way) but you will have gained from the doing so you haven't have won,  No one can teach you to become creative and there are so many aspects of creativity....   If a form of art dies out some women are just "doomed"....but if you are creative....your art goes on and on just like life.  It changes, it turns curves in the road, you have rough spots, and a times of success.....  The more art forms you do the more creative you seem to least that is what I have found from my own personal experience(s) .  And those who don't have creativity.......they enjoy whatever their participation is in the art field for the joy it provides....those who are stubborn will just "be".... and unhappiness happens...and festers and grows and........

In this photo I feel that I have obtained the following....and I consider it an artistic expression:

Viewer Participation / Emotion / Thought / Disection, etc.
Ability to use artistic license
Warm and Cool Colors
Eye does not fall off the edge
Options into several different art forms

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.