Clouds, atmosphere, fog, light, nature in its' awesome beauty NEVER ceases to amaze, delight and excite me.  
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The other night we had a magnificent thunder and lightening show for about 45 minutes.  The sharp, bright flashes of light followed by the deafening cracks of thunder echoing down the valley.  I laid in bed and just rode the storm so to speak as it traveled to the East of the house and slightly south.   I prayed for no lightening strikes but enjoye the stacco effects of the storm.  

The colors are gorgeous and intense.  Slivers of light, colors in oranges and even red in the storm clouds as they roll, big, and  luminous in front of the sun.  The magnificence of a summer storm in the West is just awesome.  And the clumpy pine tree gives a a dark stopper....  A formation may be only for a couple of seconds so you have to be camera quick, and yet  patient for the next good shot.  

In photography you have to frame your picture, zoom in or out, do horizontal and vertical...different shots provide different effects,  seen in different ways of the same thing and it amazes me.

Enjoy the storm...the stirring up of it, the climax and the mellowing....  I love the emotion that is involved....and the emotion is what sparks the creativity.  I don't like photos out of books....I love the photos of life and energy.  Not words on paper,  but words of excitement, description and emotion. 

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.