Abstract Pillow

A friend referenced me to an online shop and I found this pillow and wow....what an artists' dream.
The colors, design, and movement/shapes make an awesome piece.    Hmmm....will most definitely have to save my pennies, dimes, nickels  and DOLLARS to be able to afford it....but wishful thinking and dreaming is part of the fun.  OR how can I achieve a similar effect myself?  

I love looking at popular magazines, catalogs, online shops, etc. to get ideas for paintings, colors for a painting, ideas for doing decor in my home, etc.  

I LOVE being eclectic and doing my very best to have things "work".  I use antique items.  elements from an item to make an item (I have vintage tub feet which are waiting for me to do something with), etc.

There is more to design that just deciding to do it.   Items that are one of a kind appeal to me the most which means doing things "my way" to achieve what I want.    I love romantic, airy, inviting, and vintage.  Cottage chic, Paris Chic, Industrial Chic, etc.     You can tie things together not with just
a term like Shabby Chic, Industrial chic etc. but with color, similar items, design. or just having a knack for making things work.  

One of the things that I did that I love was using an old green vintage window, a curtain rod and I purchased an antimacassar for the curtain......  I love using items in different and unusual ways to make it work for what I want.  

Another of the items I love are the steampunk flowers I made and have in my spare bathroom using bobeches, bottle caps, resin, metal rod similar to a wooden dowel cut which I cut with a saw at different lengths, and some neat collage photos.  Unique.  Different. Fun.  

I love color but I prefer colors that are less bold like is in the pillow.  They are pleasing to the eye, blend well together, and kinda meld....rather than jumping out at you .... Bold colors to me are harsh, unrealistic, and a poor attempt to draw attention to something.....and is not necessarily "pretty".  Attention is not needed in art...subtleness does the job so much better.
to draw attention and not one that is necessarily "pretty".  

It takes "imagination" to make things "work".

So think UNIQUE....

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