Although these brushes were designed for Ink, Pastel and Chalk their use with acrylics are WONDERUFL.
The small and large IPC 2 (Ink, Pastel, Chalk)  Flat Blend brushes are a fairly new line to me through Dynasty and I can't say enough "good"  about these brushes.  I use these as foliage brushes and to stipple.  The ones I was using prior to these had bristles which "curled" at the end and so far these have stayed nice and straight.

When I break in a new Flat Blend I clean it and dry on a nubby terry towel rubbing briskly but gently and I use the brush damp dry.  These brushes should always be cleaned, damp dried, and laid flat on a terry cloth towel to dry at the end of a session.   They should never be set "upright".

To paint foliage I almost always use the narrow ends of these brushes and I load only about  the first 1/4
of one end.  There are other times  I will load the bottom 1/4 with another color and that way I can use both ends.  (Probably because I enjoy painting on smaller sized canvas rather than a large one)

The IPC2  Flat Blends come in Small and large and they are in my Landscape Brush Kit on Etsy.

If you notice in the last photo you can see how there are long and short hairs.  This  adds to the "fluffiness" of this brush; yet,  because there are so many bristles it is a sturdy, strong bristled area that makes it work really well.  This brush has such a comfortable handle and is also a bit shorter than their
other brushes.

If I am highlighting bushes or trees, moss, making a flower, etc.   I hold this brush clear down at the ferrule of the brush as I want total control when I drop on color to my surface.  I also tip the brush narrow end back towards me so that  the 1/4 of the  front narrow end which is loaded with the color I am painting with is used at an angle.  I do not use these brushes with a full load of the entire brush or flat onto my surface.   How and where these brush is held, loaded and used can make a BIG difference in how well you paint, highlight or stipple.

My next brush will be the Dynasty Decorator Dry Brushes.


Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.