This is an 8 x 8 canvas piece that I painted for my husbands' doctor.  She has been such a help to Larry with various stages of dealing with back and knee pain.  The last time we were in to see her I had a watercolor book with me that I was studying and she was really interested in the book so I thought I would do a small painting for her. 

I love painting winter, water, trees, mist, fog, clouds, snow, etc.  I am in hopes she will like this piece I did for her. 

I used one of my winter photos as a reference.  I have several albums that are full of scenery "shots" as painting landscapes really intrigue me and come from my heart ...  I love "feeling" and "temperature" so I strive to achieve this as I paint.

My brushes of choice are Dynasty's Ink,Pastel,and Chalk brushes;
their decorative series line of dry brushes and foliage wave brushes, and their wonderful faux squirrel line for flats, rounds,  daggers, liners, etc.  

What a difference when you use artist quality paints by Liquitex, a high quality top of the line hand wrapped canvas board and brushes.  I am lucky to have such wonderful suppliers.... 

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.