Plaid's new Martha Stewart Line of Paints

On one of the Yahoo groups I belong to there has been talk about the new line of Martha Stewart Paints that are being advertised at Michaels so thought I would see what I could find out about them.

She has a spray paint kit ($29.95) that instantly converts any of the colors into spray paint.

Special applicator tips with sponge tops are available for a smooth roller look as well as pouncers, etc.

The paints come in 160 colors which can be purchased for $249.45. 

There are special finishes ie: chalkboard, gilding, glow in the dark, etching, and crackle. 

The paints can be used on all surfaces, even fabric, are good indoors and outdoors, and are dishwasher safe as well as non toxic.

As you can see above she has her own line of brushes, different applicators to attach to the bottles, finish sprays, etc. So it involves a start to finish line. 

The thing that kinda "threw" me was they are being advertised as
"Beginners paint"....but I think that the next time I go to Michaels I will have to pick up a couple of bottles and see what they are all about.

Unless the size of the bottles are different her applicators could be used on any paint and I wonder if the spray paint kit couldn't also.  Just a thought as I sit her thinking....

In looking in Paintworks magazine I wonder if now that Donna Dewberry has phased out a bit...they are looking for a new method of selling.....

I surely can't yay or nay them until I have tried them. 
Someone wondered if they were going to compete with Traditions.  I
think we are talking orange and apples....although all paints are in competition with one another....and I "feel" that paint is personal preference based on the artist.  If you aren't achieving what you want, maybe a change in paint is the answer....or maybe you just want to add it to what you already have and/or use.    

It will be interesting to see what happens and I am a curious soul so I will have to "give them a try".....

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