Halloween and Fall ATC's

I am in the neatest little group and we just had a Fall and/or Halloween  ATC swap.  I chose to do one for each theme and frame them for my
partner so that they would become small works of art.  The maple autumn leaf and acorn piece is my own design (and yes, I know that acorns grow on an oak tree and not a maple but I wanted to do maple leaves and acorns, and since I am an artist I used artistic license) and the other is a portion of a design by one of my favorite artists', Monika Britt.  I also used a bit of artistic license on her design by extending the ghost out onto the frame....  I LOVE her cat with the zig zig scared wiskers...so funny. 

My partner just received them so now I can show here on my blog.

I love painting and doing ATC pieces.  These were done on handwrapped portrait grade canvas and is practically nubless which is great when you are working small like this.....

My partner loved them so that "made my day" and is what art is all about.

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