Paint Brush Cleaning Basin

There are several reasons why I feel the brushes in this basin work the best and the basin stays the cleanest.  The photos pretty much explain it all.

1.  There are 3 sections to the basin.  Two have brushes.  The largest section is for wash, the next section with the brush is rinse, and the 3rd section is clean, clear water.

2.  The bristles on these brushes are like slender delicate fingers.  They are super soft, but as you can see they come to a delicate point which allows them to go through the bristles of your paint brush and separate to clean "oh so well" adding additional life to your brushes and money in your pocket.

3.  The bottom of these brushes are flat and vented.  This means NO GUNKY PAINT RESIDUE BUILD UP.  The basin itself is smooth not porous so there is no staining or paint adhearance.  Just wash with some dishsoap and a sponge and presto....good as new.  HONEST. And look at the soft rolling grooves on the bottom of the basin in all 3 sections.  HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. can use warm water.  I add just a few drops of my brush cleaner in the large section so I have the added cleaning power.

4.  The glue used is super strong so brushes don't lift and with the flat bottom there is a good tight bond.  If one should come out you can easily peel the glue and reglue the brush back in.  Many of the other brushes have no vents, the bristles are on both sides so gunk builds up, the water gets to the glue as the brush is not flat to the basin, and the nylon bristles ARE NOT tapered so brush damage can still "happen". Also it is not if the brush comes out  with these "other brushes" but when the brush comes out.  AND there is NO way you are going to be able to reglue....whoops another brush basin purchase.  I also like the size of this basin...

5.  Look at the length of the bristles on the brush...hmmmmmmmmm.  Nice and long to do a great cleaning job huh?  AND no splayed brush edges as the brush is in ROWS....hmmmmmmmmmm or use the other way for wider brushes.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.   

6.  I have one brush basin that I use just for mixed media work....for those glue brushes, etc.  

I pretty much concentrate the selling of my basins to painting classrooms and schools/colleges in our area and surrounding areas. 

So what do you think?  Pictures say a thousand words?  Make sense?  It is not the OUTSIDE COLOR of the basin that matters but what is on the inside...the workings of the basin...the quality...and the performance. I like to show you up close and personal what is working and why.... 

P.S.  Works great on sponges too.....

I rest my case.

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