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There were 3 of us "working" at the Gallery today so even though we were really busy; during the lulls
our topic of conversation was on the statistics we have been "charting" since the Co-op began. What was selling, who was selling best $ wise and quanity wise, times that were the busiest, etc. Artist moves within the Gallery, upcoming classes, etc.
It seems as if in our area the economy is beginning to limp a little bit forward and people are buying. We have expensive, high priced items sell as well as those in the $20 $60 range doing the best.
People seem to be wanting to bring pieces of beauty into their home .... and have things of beauty if they are to spend more time there because of the ecomical set back we are all finding ourselves experiencing. They are enjoying what they are seeing, wanting what they see, and finding a way to be able to afford the item and take it home.
Much to everyones surprise and delight The Gallery has been flourishing in visitors and sales in comparison to others in the area.
We have a broad range of artists from fine artists, decorative painting, wood, glass, metal, pottery, etc. and everyone has experienced sales.
There is excitement with our visitors when they wander our aisles and talk about what they are seeing.....and some spend an hour or so really admiring the work of the 25 different vendors/ work. This in itself is rewarding.
So Galleries here are NOT diminishing, not becoming extinct. The exact opposite seems to be the case"..... the problem is not the "lack of interest in art" the inability of others to purchase the art but with other non related issues ...... one may call it unrealistic rent...
The photo is by "me" and is of Smith Rocks near Terrebonne, OR. Amazing photogenic area.

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