As much as I love a beautiful cat I am horribly allergic to them. The full 9 yards with itching eyes, runny nose, and just totally miserable for days after coming in contact with one, even if I don't touch it......My daughter has 4 beautiful cats that I would just love to cuddle and touch....

One of her cats is a true to life bobcat that is caged in her back yard. She is the 2nd domesticated owner of Edward and he is a beauty. He has been "fixed" and is licensed. His buddy is called "Itty Bitty" (normal cat) and he lives inside the cage with Edward and is his little baby....they have been a team for about 3 years. They are a "trip" to watch.

I have taken several great shots of Edward so my "end of the year" big project is to paint this gorgeous animal on canvas. I have some new brushes that I think are going to work just perfectly and I recently purchased a tape on painting fur and feathers and goodness has it ever helped me to understand how to create the realistic look that I am looking for and not just "lines of color".

Seems as if I have a lot on "my plate" right now but that is a good thing.

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