Feather Edge / Comb/ Rake Brush

The slide show hopefully will help those who are struggling with using these super specialty brushes by Langnickle. The filbert comb/rake brush is a 7930 and a good size is the 3/8.

These brushes do an excellent job of painting hair, feathers, furry feathery animals, beards, grasses, grain work in barns, and a number of other areas where fine line work will make the difference.

The advantage of this brush is painting several lines with the sweep of the brush vs just one or two lines which are fat and do not end off with these perfect thin lines like you see here.

To use this brush:
1. Your paint should be of an inky consistancy.
2. Load your brush well so that you have a resivoir of paint in the ferrel area of the brush
a. All of the line work that you see I have painted was done with a single load of paint and
I still had a supply to go further
3. Hold the brush in the top 1/4 area of the handle so that you have more freedom of movement and it will force you to paint just with the tips of this brush for a light touch.

Successful painting results have a lot to do with the right brush, but know how to use the brush is of greater importance.

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