Silk Moths

These two photos were taken by my daughter V. Michelle who also loves taking pictures as much as I do and strives for the unusual. She may be one up on me for these two. One photo is of a single moth and the other photo is of two. ( I added larger photos for you to click on so the detail is clearer but it is not happening so if you want to see her original one that is clickable to larger go to: Check out the beautiful detail work on their bodies. They are furry, and Michelle says the body is black, red and white striped, and how about their antenae? She just called me a few minutes ago as she had her daughter "catch" them and put them in a cage so that my Son in law could see them when he gets home from work and the female has laid 9 eggs that Michelle says are about the size of seed beads......she said she actually got to see her lay them and the quick flutterings of the awesome. (Although I am sure I would have taken my picutre, ran inside the house and shut the door quick, rather than bring them into my home.....) They are beautiful but at the same time creepy....

The specie is prevalent in our area of Oregon. They are raised by
farmers for silk...but know of none here in our this may
be something not of the norm.

Just had to share the pictures with those of you who follow my blog and are interested in what is here for us to be astounded by on a day to day basis and being able to catch the moment.


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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.