Make your Own " Brushy Basin"

Make your own "Brushy Basin". I have been using mine since developing it in

I love my basin. I researched and have really "honed" it for durability. The brushes can be purchased at: and the item # is: CA201. The pair are $1.60 or buy a dozen #CA203 for $7.90. (these are out of Canada). These brushes are soooooooooo soft and kind on your brushes. There are 1, 440 bristles per each 2" x 3" brush. No more ruined brushes. I have shown the top and bottom of the brushes . There are vent holes so no "gunk" gets trapped. These are the surgical brushes used by a lot of surgeons that I used to work for years ago.

The basin can be purchased at the following stores: Fred Meyers, Food for less, Ralphs, Frys Market Place, Save Mart Suerpmarkets, King Shoppers, Sweetbay, and QFC (Quality Food Centers. The Item # is CHN-2950 3 section 2.1 Quart SUBLBC14-055. And the mfg. is Cleverware out of Vernon, CA. and the phone number is: 1-866-981-1400 if you want to purchase by a lot of 48. If you can't find one at your local store ask for a manager and see if he will order them for you. They come in bright pink, neon green, and bright sunny yellow.

The glue I have used is: Welder. It is a contact industrial strength adhesive which can be purchased at many stores in the hardware/glue section. ie: WalMart, Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc. Don't try to use an "alternative" glue. Please use only the glue which I have listed for the ultimate "staying" results. REMEMBER: read the how to use, and warnings on the back of the tube before using. The tube is bright red with black and white lettering. The glue is clear and dries clear. I have intentionally left water in a "test" basin for over 2 weeks and it has not loosened the glue so for me that is "satisfaction" but I recommend emptying after each days' use. One of the advantages of the brushes I use is if your brushes should ever loosen up or come out: Peel off the glue and reglue. It will be good as new.

TO GLUE: I run a good sized bead line of glue around the bottom rim edges (all 4) of the brush and press to the bottom of the basin. Remember this glue dries clear so don't worry a whole lot about excess that may ooze out,,,but make sure that you have enough on the edges. Do not press hard, just set the brush down and lighty press. I would let this "set up" and dry for a good 2 days before using the basin. I put a brush in the biggest of the sectioned basin and the section adjacent to the first one. (See photo) I use the larger section for the first "clean" of my brush as I am painting, (I put a little of the Avalon Glycerine hand soap mentioned previously in my blog in this section). The other section with the brush is for rinsing and the 3rd brushless area is my "clean water" before reloading my brush with color. I have been making, using and selling this basin for years....and I absolutely love it and I bet you will too.

My only caution to you is to MAKE SURE THAT THE WATER COVERS THE BRUSHES COMPLETELY or when you clean your brush you may get a little

Also the top of this basin can be used as a neat "wet palette".... Snap the lid on and it is a small storage center if you are using it as a travel basin.

So make yours soon and enjoy the pre cleaning of your brushes. I find that my brushes last longer, and do not "splay" out or get ruined as they did with the
basins with the hard ridges in the bottom. You won't believe the difference.

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