Grandsons Skeleton Painting Process and Finished canvas

My grandson saw one of my first large canvas paintings that was an original and was actually the first one I had ever done in this style.  He asked me if I would/could do one with skeletons for his apartment....sooooo...despite numerous stops and redos I am really content with the way this is progressing  ....  I am using a lot of stencils, parts of stencils, redoing stencils, as well as freehand, altering,  shading, highlighting, etc.  I think this is going to be a real hard one to say goodby to when I am finished and even if I wanted to I doubt that I could ever duplicate.  Right now I am waiting for small, brass skull head beads to "stick".  I am going to be adding 5 of them different places on the canvas.  Not just sure where this will head tonight when I go down.  Sometimes I just sit and look at it ...willing it to do it....  but I am really enjoying this one.   Continue to watch as it you see the skeletons which are already beginning to come forth??  

If you have comments or suggestions please leave them.  I would love that.

Tonight I made a mold of a skeleton ashtray that my husband has (he collects skeletons)...just the face portion and then did a clay impressions of the face area. I am planning/thinking I will use one or more of these in this painting (they are in the oven baking)  and what pieces are left I am going to try and work into a necklace.  Should be fun....need to hunt up some purple and green beads....

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