Doll Mixed Media Assemblage Spiritual Art Dolls

I am working on some Mixed media assemblage spiritual art dolls ....  This is the new one for 2017.  I try to do a little bit on it every day....even if it is looking for inspiration pieces to use....or photos for ideas....  It is not a planned piece....  Will also be working on shared pieces that will go between myself and a friend which will be challenging in different ways.....

The main thing for me is to create color, texture, form, balance, dimension, etc.

Following is the first step finished.

Tree bark from Pennsylvania
Fretwork pieces
A gemstone face
Small bark and moss pieces from here in Oregon

One of the most important things my husband has taught me is to have a good strong foundation so when I glue I clamp...... it is a slower process but well worth the extra effort in finished product.  No one wants to pick up something and have it just "fall apart".  I am using gel glue and some super glue I am trying out that I get from one of my wholesale suppliers that is working really well....but more costly that other super glues found in the craft stores....

Hopefully along the way she will get a name.......

PROGRESSING Date 2/20/17

The butterfly is going....don't like that at all.
Added more treebark, petals from a pinecone, metal material;  like the screening I remember, cut into strips for the "waterfall", and a pebble.   Can tell she is NOT finished.  Not sure what will be next.  She is "resting".

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.