I had an acquaintance who always thought she had to "go somewhere" or "do something" in order to be motivated, inspired,  feel good, etc.   etc.  etc.      Beautiful, serene surroundings help but if you don't have what you need "inside" the only thing that "might" happen are flowery words that have no depth...they are just illusionary words....and it shows.

My inspiration comes from within and many times is something that just happens..... and I don't even HAVE to leave home.   The skeleton fisherman was a gift Michelle gave her Dad......the rusty fish stake I picked up at an art show here in Bend somewhere down through the years, and the chair with no seat is probably something my husband picked up because he liked the way it looked....and put together it becomes kinda "neat".  I think I am going to take a few more photos that are better of the skeleton and this just might be one of my next paintings.....

Just got an order of Liquitex soft body paints in colors I didn't have and ones I used a lot and was "out of"...  I ordered a Copper Metallic that will be perfect for the rusty tin items,,, and a Silver Metallic that will work great for the tin tub.....

So go within.......

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