Patricia Reichenbach

One of my MOST FAVORITE landscape artists is Patricia Reichenbach…..   In a PaintWorks magazine she did a piece called Autumn Forest and this is what I painted …  painting freehand
using acrylic paints….and her basic design.  I had a long thin canvas in my studio already basecoated black and I was in the mood last night so this is what happened and thank you so much Patricia for the inspiration…….   I am pleased with the degree of light vibrancy I was able to achieve and although the next one will be entirely different I am pleased with my first try and have gained confidence …..

Patricia works in oils (Bob Ross) so I wasn't sure just how things would work out with acrylics….choosing the colors……and I used Brenda Stewarts' Clear, Slow and White Mediums to achieve the misty colors…..

The Dynasty Dry Brushes work like a CHARM, and one of my favorite lines of FM brushes for landscape painting…. some of the only brushes I actually WEAR OUT from use even though they are work horses……    What a difference these brushes make ……

I think that I will be back down in my studio again tonight and do another painting…

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.