My Etsy Handmade Rings

I am having a lot of fun making these rings; plus supporting other Etsy Artisans by buying their lamp work beads…..  I use Tierra Cast Spacers which are gorgous and are sold here on Etsy by Dragynsfyre as well as her handmade lampwork beads.  Other lampwork artists I will be using here on Etsy are  
Agate 58 and Imakebeads.  

All lamp work beads have been annealed for durability but one must always remember they are "glass".  They are handmade using torches and glass rods of different colors.  The artis make different shapes, designs, sizes, etc, and use murrini slices, stringers, frit, silvered ivory, etc. and are true works of art.  

Most of the charms I use are small and really add a special touch to the rings.  I will have different Series in which I will list the rings:

Abstract World
Kalidiscope Mystery
Woodland Neutrals
Floral Rhapsody

The rings are really hard to part with because I love every one… I am going to have to limit myself……   I try different color bands, charms and spacers before I finalize the piece.  If I have more than one bead that is the same I make sure each ring made is different so that they are OOAK coming out of my shoppe.

The rings begin at $22.00 and upwards.  

Check them out at

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