Hand Painted Cowboy Boots / Custom Orders

I would REALLY LOVE to be back in Maui….but since that is not possible….I am going to do some painting and pretend I am there…..art dreaming.

A friend brought me a picture of some hand painted Cowboy boots and told me I should try a pair….
I went to Kohls and found my size in brown.  Tonight I began painting and have the side of one boot done.  The stitching design on the bood is really quite pretty so I am going to follow the inside design with red…fading into yellow (which is looking good) and I want to introduce some turquoise in places so that will be my next decision.   Since these boots will be mine I will probably do somethng that will go with me…and I am not sure just what that will be.  I am also thinking about some boot jewelry and am pretty sure I will also follow through on that idea….and I can switch back and forth with a little mixed medial book jewelry/painting which will provide me a diversion of mediums which I love.  If they turn out nice…..I would like to do Custom Orders through my Blog and Etsy.   I think I will work my mixed media journals in much the same manner.  With the journals;  looking for items has been the most fun.  I never know what is going to "BE" until I am done.  I just start and things develop the way the item develops which provides me so much fun, allows me to get into the unique design, and then appreciation with the finished product.   So stay tuned.  Hopefully by the beginning of next week I will be done….and can how the finished boots.

The photo above is the foam of a Hawaiian wave on the sandy beach…..something I would love to paint.


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