PYM II Acrylic Protective Sealant

I purchased this spray awhile ago but never had the occasion, until now; to put it to the test.

My latest work is altered inks on paper and this product said you could use it over paper, newspapers, digial photos etc. as a fast drying, acid free, Injet print safe, water repellant, polymer clay safe, light fast finish spray. 
I am pretty gullible so decided to test it out on a smaller finished ink piece ………and omg it passed with flying colors…. and the finish is between a mat and satin…which is just perfect.  The product has UV protectant and can be used on the items listed above but also for:  laser prints, giclee, crafts, glitter, polymer clay, copic markers, metals, glass and much more…

PYM stands for Preserve your Memories and although the product is upwards of spendy, I have a product I don't have to use as much of as I only required one coat and there is no apparent indication that the item has been sprayed as with other products.  Also I was delighted with no overpowering odor as other brands disspell.    

I spend a lot of time on my pieces and with the majority of what I do one of a kind I need a product I can depend upon to do what I want   With PYM II  also containing UV protection with it is pretty much perfect…and wanting that professional look….. quality is as important as the price.  
I even sprayed my mat with the product for a little extra protection from the suns rays.

There is no one I have found here in my area that carries this spray so I ordered mine (and my reorder tonight for 2 more cans) was directly from their website.  http://www.PYM  Also check U-tube for some demonstrations on this product.  And no, I don't receive any financial gain from using or endorsing this product.    

I won't be using anything but this product from this point on…is has become my preferred protective sealant.  

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