Mixed Media Journal

I am working on a mixed media Journal book cover using some of the rubber stamps that I carry.  I purchased a PDF tutorial but wasn't real impressed with it per the cost.  Just a step by step pictorial....so winging it here as I journey along.... learning as I go.  There aren't really any rights or wrongs....they appeal to whom they need to appeal to.  There hasn't been a whole lot of "planning" with this one....I have just made a lot of "looking" trips through stash till I find things which might work and try them on.  Kinda like going clothes shopping and trying on a blouse for fit, look, color, etc.    Mixed media work is personal satisfaction and hoping I can find items that relate to the person it is being made for.....or just to my own eye if there is not a "special" person in mind.   Sometimes what I choose and put together may mean nothing to me....but will to the person it is made for, or whom chooses to purchase.  Mixed media really comes from deep within and takes into consideration scale, color, balance, theme,  elements, etc.

I prefer to NOT use crafty elements  or an item totally made from say Tim Holtz products.....  I love to use bits and pieces "because",,,, because I do.  

Today is the application of a patina color.....and I have to decide what color I want to use and I am learning towards the light mint aqua color taking into consideration the browns, beiges, and neutral palette I have so far....or maybe a mixture of a couple colors?

I also have to complete my dragonfly wings ceramic hot/cold drink container which is a belated Christmas gift...it is already to be "winged".

The designed squares are embossed polymer clay which I will patina before I add the elements which you see....and right now are just "laying" on the journal.

Around the squares is a coppery ball chain which was just the right size.

To the right of the 1st and 2nd squares are picture jasper beads and I can see a mini landscape ...the middle one at the top is a seashell and I can see 3 different faces in the shell...

The mushroom, which I love just came together.  The stem is a portion of a deer horn, the top of the mushroom is perfect as a sea shell with holes in it.  the base is a rock, and beside it is a bead and the grasses are fall head pins in brass.  The words are by Kelly Rae Roberts and I love them...the rest of the elements are jewelry components or buttons that I carry.....  To the lower right is a sewing machine part.....

There is a ribbon inside to mark the page but I am going to redo this and add some lampwork beads, etc. for some weight and I may do a page in the book.  FUN.......

Will show another photo when it is completely done.

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