Glass Lockets

I have seen these lockets at different sites but never seemed to have the extra few dollars to spend, but with Christmas coming up I could justify the purchase a bit easier.  They came yesterday in the mail and I was anxious to try a couple of things with them and I am delighted with the sizes, shapes and quality.

The lace ones are vintage, and the picture one is a vintage photo I purchased in an antique store that HAD to be shared.  It is easy to make up a story to go with this piece.  She reminds me of my mothers mother who was German and came to the US by boat..... the vintage warmth, the staunchness, and the look of sorrow and a haunting in her eyes.  It is one of my favorite "items".

I am going to work on a brass and lace one for me with a really pretty brass chain I purchased at Michaels .....  a 40% off item.  It has a sturdy linkage with small little brass daisies between the links.  Just have to find the lace I want to use.... Drat I hate when I can't remember what I did with something.

These will be used as gifts...and what I don't need will end up on Etsy.

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