Cold Mystery

Copyright 12/2013    Diana Putnam
This is one of the occassions when I walked the dog outside in the cold for her nightly routine and was confronted with this awesome night magic seen through a hole in the trees.

 Using  different settings, zooming in and out this became my favorite shot....seemed as if I either got the moon, the trees or the fog but with this one I captured it all and I love the lacey look of the trees....  It is one of those special, cold, mystical, moon lit, winter nights and a feeling of capturing a moment of nothing less that magical.

This very well may turn into a painting....

Last night I painted  (using artistic license) a canvas using this photo as a reference AND inspiration... Right now I have it "set up" to MAYBE become a mixed media painting.  I am working on it for a friend of ours and never having been inside his house I am not sure of his decor...or non, etc. so I am finding it hard to know how to proceed...  This is the hardest .... handmaking a gift for a friend or acquaintance.

These are the times I really miss an truthful, artistically oriented friend....

IF I do this as laid out we have burlap ribbon to the left and on top some metal rustic stars...the crooked branch I would paint black.  The 3 chopsticks which are rustic in nature and color wise "goes", would be left as is....  On the right side is a gold lame material I picked up somewhere and some stiff startched like snow netting to go over the lame to tone it down just a bit....  The painting has been done on a long thin canvas....I added the wood cobweb because I "thought" something was needed there...but now that I look at it this photo I will no doubt  leave it to be used on another  The main substrate is a large canvas....  IF...I do this as a mixed media piece I will place the canvas painting down level with the substrate beneath...instead of above it.   Taking photos of what you want to do, or have done will help you to make changes, get different ideas, placement changes, etc.   I also have to put a matte finish on the canvas and then I will use the Decoart Glamour dust paints in the foggy area of the the area of the painting name and if I use the snowflake stiff material  I will add a stylus drop of this same paint in the center of some of the snowflakes....not much...just a little.  

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.