Mixed Media Altered Art

Mixed Media is a lot of fun and I really LOVE when I can use the work of another artist or artists as I have done with this work in progress.

The pretty melding of colors in each of the handcut mats (ATC)  size for a small work of art .... ( that kinda grew)are handpainted marbled papers by Ely at Quillnaros.etsy.com.  Ely also marbles feathers which are another of her creative hobbies.  Notice how my camera picked up some of the metallic paint she used on this particular sheet of paper.  In the top green mat I have attached a feather....from one of her children...I  mean her birds.    You really can't see how gorgeous they are so I will have to take a photo of each element before I secure to my final substrate.  (THANKS ELY).    Right now the bottom is a large canvas but I am not sure if it will stay or not....  cause it is just in the Play stage...trying elements on, moving around, changing format....  I am almost positive everythng you see will stay....but I need to make changes....

I love art like this because it is really pretty hard to duplicate....and allows others creative artists' to play with what they see and adapt, change, etc.  to make it their own with no real worry as much about copyrights....cause I am making my "own".... piece of art.

Several pieces are "in process" and in different areas of my house.....  My poor shop area is a .... MESS but I have just relaized this is the way I have to work....I have to SEE things....textures, color, etc...not have it behind a door or in a drawer..... so it is most definately a "CONSTRUCTION AREA" Enter at your own risk.....Artist at Work.    LOL.... and I am NOT going to "worry" about the mess again, ever. It is what it is.....

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