Raven Crow Necklace

 Copyright   8/13     Diana Putnam
I have always loved ravens and crows.    There are so many colors that can be seen in the sheen of their feathers.  And the little top knot so many of them have....I love when edges are not clean ....  I used some beads I had that arer blue, green, burgendy, black, etc.... because I felt it reflected well the colors of the bird.  

There are several handmade lampwork beads in this piece, swarowski crystals to lure the raven with shiny, bright reflective colors and I have used a wood dominoe for the raven collage.  The edges have been sanded and a protective coating applied but it DOES NOT make this piece waterproof.

There are several different designs I am going to work up or just sell as a pendant for those who would like to design and make their own piece.  I also have some skeleton images done on wood dominos that I will be listing on Etsy shortly also.

I don't have any idea how many I will make....but each one will be different when worked into a piece of jewelry.  

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