Polymer Clay

It kinda looks as if I am going to have a round of "clay" projects.....  This is a piece I did a couple of years ago and I really do enjoy the sculpting,,,, and prefer hand forming vs using the pasta machine but I do realized that it DOES have its advantages for quickness....  

Since I have been selling the texture impression stamps on Etsy I thought it was time  "I" played around with them a bit and I have to admit I am having fun.  LOVE the stamps and the versatility of their use.  Pushing down harder for more texture and not so hard to get a further away look creating some depth to the piece.   This could also be the case using color....lighter towards the top of the piece and darker to the bottom.  The application of other mediums' techniques etc. lends itself to this medium.

I am working on 2 cuff bracelets and a necklace/clay pendant.  With one I used the Gilders Wax which comes in different beautiful colors....one I mixed two colors of clay together, and with the 3rd piece I used acrylic paints as I wanted it to wear with jeans.  On each piece I used a different stamp and color technique and I am pleased with the results of each.  Next is designing the actual jewelry piece using the clay components.   I am hoping to have play time during the weekend.....

So come check back later and see "what's happening".

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