Altered Art (GLASS) (Transfusion) to be Named and Musing

 This altered "jar" is done and it is called "Transfusion".  
The skeleton head was purchased in a Smoke and News Store here in Bend, OR.  The jar body for him is an oil jar and the other bottle I picked up at a garage sale....based on its' shape. (who knows when or what I paid but I know it wasn't much).

If you note the skeleton bones are visible through the glass bottle which are bones from a plastic skeleton I took a picture of and then copied on to some Crayola clear pieces of some kind I purchased at Goodwill on one of my visits.

The ivy is rooting in the left hand jar and I simply wound it around the skeleton.  In the top part of the skeleton (where I assume a candle would go) I have added an air plant....  

This is another piece which just transpired from the two jars which were done separately and then put together as one.

This is another piece I am currently working is NOT done....there is still a lot to do until I can consider her completed.  What is done; and what you see here is is all glued down so now it is about 
                             adding components ..... and will be a One of A Kind artistically unique Altered Art Glass Assemblage.  I have no idea at this point in time what it will be titled....

I am finding that I really enjoy the assemblage area of altered art....for some reason I just can't get in to "flat"...but I have learned to never say never... my next piece could be flat as a pancake....a woman artists' perogative... Mind Changing.  So maybe this is what I should call it...  

There is a new consignment store here in the area which consists of antiques and handmade so I think maybe this coming week or when both pieces are done I will take them down and see about "consigning"....  These can't be sent back to the store in I need an outlet close where I can "drive" my pieces "to sale"....

Next I am going to be doing some Halloween jewelry pieces which will be limited to one of a kinds....and mostly done in brass.  I think that they will be fun, pretty, and fashionably "in taste" for the holiday.  These I will be putting on my Etsy site for sale sometime in August.

And painting....of course.  I bought an item "somewhere" when I was back in PA and I have no idea what the piece
actually is but I am going to do a Terry French design on it....a bit differently than norm.   I believe it is her latest free design listed on her website.   I LOVE Uniquely Different.

So I am working on many different things at the same time.....and yes, I am also knitting a scarf out of alpaca yarn for a Christmas gift.  Soft but nice and warm.?

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