Miss Pru has been acting "different" the past few days...  Those who have dogs/cats/etc. that they are close to will know what I am talking about when I say she acted different and also as I continue.

(Yes, we should have named her Kay Leno, lol.)

We are leaving for a month and flying to the East Coast the beginning of June.    My suitcase is laying on the floor so I can pack leisurely and make sure I have what I want and need and so have been adding things as I think about them...

Tonight when Pru and I came into the bedroom she was prancing all over and for the life of me I couldn't understand what she wanted until she went and stood in front of the suitcase.   I went into the closet and brought out "her" suitcase (yes, she is going with us, spoiled child that she is) and when I laid it down beside mine she  put her "busy bone" inside as if she wanted me to pack hers.....  So.... I went back to the living room for her ball, and some of her chicken treats ... put them inside and she is all content.  She just wanted to remind me that she WAS going and needed to pack HER suitcase so that wherever mine went hers would go also.   LOL   I swear, I never knew a dog and a human could communicate until my daughter gave us this dog for Christmas the year we moved here to Bend...when she was just old enough to leave her mother....(My daughter has the Mom and Dad..."Cookie" and Lei
Lei).....  She goes pretty much wherever we go and with Oregon being a highly pet friendly town.... her
"attendance" is accepted cheerfully....

I even purchased her a salmon colored sequin little T shirt like outfit with is just covered with "bling" topped off with a big flower for the trip....  I did it for more of a joke than anything but I am sure there will be those who don't know the story that will be chuckling and thinking "that lady is NUTS" but I have paid my dues and I am allowed a few idocycracies....don't ya' think?

As I continue to pack suitcases I will make sure I add something to Pru's.... her baby receiving blanket,
treats, the fall thrower, water bottle so I remember to fill it,  a couple changes of clothes, and her leash.  Then I can transfer everything to my suitcase when it is time to leave.

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