Material = Trouble ??

When I am in JoAnnes, Hancock Fabrics, etc. I always have to browse the aisles looking and touching.  I have always loved coloful. soft, drapey fabrics.  Today on my way home from town I decided to stop in a Quilting/Sewing Machine store and see what might be there.....I should never have done that BUT....... I got some really neat design fabrics.  They had and were selling "knots" of fabric, small fat squares and larger ones.

I bought some awesome Cat designed material by artist Laurel Bush.  It was a fat quarter and I am going to use it and some orange swirled material and cover a journal for my granddaughter.  

I am looking forward to using material in my mixed media pieces....and even if I have to sew it is nothing that really HAS to fit like a dress so I am thinking I can do it.  I will need to find my sewing machine and get it "set up" so it is ready to go in a moments' notice as well as an iron and ironing board.  I may need to look for a small "sleve" vs a whole big ironing board.

Tonight I have to finish up my blossom 4 x 4 swap....which is ending up being a steampunky type
design.  I hope my partner will like it.

My altered key is laid out on my dining room table and as soon as I find a substrate it will be ready to go when I receive my partners name.

I am wondering how well "knots" would sell on my Etsy site.

Tomorrow I will add some photos of designs and sizes....

My sister loves material also and this is one of her creations....A handmade lampshade.

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