Mixed Media Vintage Lampwork Designed Necklace

Copyright 3-13    Diana Putnam
I bought the red, green and blue silvered ivory handmade beads from my daughter when she first listed them on her Etsy site.  I wasn't sure just what I was going to make;  but I knew it would be art related with the Primary Crayola commerical  color beads.  

Any time I see artistic charms, buttons, etc. I pick them up.  Sometimes I have something in mind sometimes I don't...and I didn't when I bought the cup of brushes, easel, paint palette and larger paint tube.    

The vintage watch has been a favorite one that I picked up somewhere....as well as the chain, and reticulated butterfly.

The silver wings above and at the bottom of the red lampwork bead are from Tierra Cast as well as the hammered antique silver clasp. 

The bees around the green and blue beads are small Buzz buttons that I sell on my Etsy site.  

The necklace has finally come together and all of the "I am not sure what I will do with it/them";  has come together into a neat artistic piece with a bit of a story too.  

I am hoping that I have a 2nd assortment of the charms and tube of paint because I would like to do another one to put up for sale.....similar but different.  I really do like one of a kind.

Different beads, different clasp, and it becomes another one of a kind piece.

How time flies when one is creating with the tools of an artist, inspired, sometimes going back into time and combining many pretties into just one delightfully unique piece.

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