Vintage Doily

I LOVE vintage and new crocheted doilys....they have always been a favorite...

Tonight I ran across a mixed media piece that intrigued me using scrapbooking paper to wrap a candle in and I thought....I wonder what this would look like with the photo I took
of this now tomorrow I will have to go "shopping" for some pillar candles....  

I love craft projects when they are out of the box, different, and tend to make me creative in my own way.   

I have been busy doing swap projects, working on Christmas presents, trying to stay "current" with meals,  grocery shopping, etc.  

Tonight I began work on something I don't know what to "call it" yet and so tomorrow that is at the top of my finish it up so it is done and not a half done deal that I sometimes pull.  Maybe my New Years Resolution for this year should be "NO MORE PROCRASTINATION".... or GET ER'
DONE......  I also have a painting I need to finish up so I can start the next one.  Got some gifts wrapped and they will go postal tomorrow.....  

Enjoy the creative process...either yours or that of others.

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